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Christian School and Chapel for the Deaf, Inc.

(previously known as the Evangelical School for the Deaf)

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This is our new logo designed for us by Christie Hoeksema this week during her visit. We like that she was able to keep the cross, Bible and hands that were part of our ESD logo for so many years. We look forward to having our new logo in place on letterhead and shirts and a new sign that will be coming for the school front.

Christie is a graphic artist and web designer.  She does great work and we are so delighted to have had her visit (Feb 14 - March 8, 2014).  In addition to all that she has done in designing our logo and taking some great pictures around the school, she plans to help with updating the website and giving us some additional volunteer hours.

Being deaf herself, Christie was able to leap right into getting to know the students without the language barrier that many people face when they visit.  Knowing her has been a blessing to all of us but we are so thankful for her presence as a Christian Deaf business woman and her role model for our students.

If you are interested in any graphic artwork or website design, please feel free to contact Christie through her website link.

We gave the buildings a face lift!  New BLUE!
With the help of work teams from Whitby Ontario Canada, and two Christian schools in Florida, the majority of our two main buildings are done.  Trim and the chapel and shop are in need of the next attentions.