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Christian School and Chapel for the Deaf, Inc.

(previously known as the Evangelical School for the Deaf)

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WITH THESE HANDS Newsletter available here!

We have a WORK TEAM with us May 12 to 26 and they are maintaining a BLOG which is insightful as well as full of pictures!

Let me direct anyone interested to their blog at - and if you scroll DOWN, there is a brief summary in photos and words.
Read it and pray for them!

The awards ceremony on Monday 21 May was well attended.
The ladies from Palmas Community Church provided lunch for everyone - THANKS LADIES!
The work team from Calvary Bible Church Hanover PA did the work of the day - THANKS TEAM!
Read more about the day at this BLOG PAGE
The rest of us showed up and enjoyed!

The Calvary Bible Church of Hanover PA work team:

Every school day morning started with chapel and the team joined us by lifting their hands in praise to our God.

Various jobs followed.  Here the team leader Tom is teaching a student how to dig a hole.
Later they placed a new post for the mailbox and poured cement around it.
Still later, the ladies planted some new plants at the base of the post to prevent weeds from growing there.
Still later, the mail man came and put letters into the mailbox on the new post. We all smiled.

Team Leader Tracy had prepared a story to tell to the students.  She did a great job - can you see the
little boys' attentiveness from the front row?

We had a field trip one day and the team organized sandwich making and
then prepared the cooler with drinks, sandwiches, snacks, etc for the day.

The team did fun activities in the afternoons. This day, they helped the students to tie-dye shirts.
The resulting shirts are fabulous!

On their first Saturday, we went to El Yunque National Forest.
The team enjoyed a hike to La Mina Falls and various other sites around the forest.

The day AFTER the student award ceremony (which the team did 99% of the work for),
we loaded up two 15 passenger vans - one with only half of the seats - and went to Orocovis
to help the Santos family with some jobs around their home.

New curtains made in and brought from Hanover were hung in the kitchen and living room,
windows were repaired, and new aluminum door on the kitchen side of the house replaced a rotting weathererd wooden door.

While there, team members cleaned the kitchen shelves and installed shelf lining paper.
Others cleaned the bathroom and helped to hang up clothes on hangers which we had taken for this purpose.

You can see Teodoro's smile here.  And the smiles on his daughters' faces as they made new friends
with the CBC girls were priceless also. We don't know exactly how the family and house got into the
state of disrepair in which we have found them, but we thank God for the circumstances that led
their second oldest daughter to ESD 2 years ago.  Pray with us for God's leading into what other ways
we can assist this family.

We have a new list of jobs for next time:
sheets (3 double beds and two singles) requested colors include
PINK (double - oldest daughter's room),
YELLOW (double - parents room),
and PINK and BLUE with butterflies and happiness (youngest 2 daughters' room)
We would like to provide curtains matching the sheets and comforters.
The house is in the mountains and they do not need fans to stay cool.

Also clothesline and clothespins for the clothes drying area under the house.

Each time, we go, we can do a little bit.  Mostly we can show that someone knows and someone cares.
We really want them to understand the GOD know and GOD cares.  Pray with us to this end.

If anyone is interested in helping with these projects,
please do not hesitate to send an e-mail through the contact page or
from your e-mail to