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Christian School and Chapel for the Deaf, Inc.

(previously known as the Evangelical School for the Deaf)

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We are OFF for the week of 18 November for American Thanksgiving (22) and Puerto Rico's Day of Discovery (19).
But these photos who much that we are thankful for:

We are thankful for Canadian and American friend who send colourful leaves.
The students have no idea! And they are delighted to hold them in their hands.

We are thankful for our friends from Interamerican University
who held a food drive and brought us a bounty of good things!

We are thankful for mothers of our students who help in the kitchen.
We are thankful for Joella Yoder and her parents who work with us.

We are thankful that the Santos family in Orocovis has electricity again!
We continue to visit every month and are thankful that the family welcomes us in their home.

We are thankful for Dr. Suarez and his day with us every year!
1 November 2012   We attended Chemistry Day at UPR - Humacao!  YEAH!!! For Dr. Suarez and his minions!

And we are thankful for friends at Iglesia Ancla de Fe
in Humacao

who fed us lunch after we attended the Chemistry demonstration.