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Christian School and Chapel for the Deaf, Inc.

(previously known as the Evangelical School for the Deaf)

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Our First Week of school started on August 6.  A visiting team from Victory Baptist Church in Kansas helped us to get ready and they presented a VBS program :-)

In addition to touring Vieques
and doing some sight seeing their first week, they painted a dorm room and our picnic tables,
power washed many parts of the school, and
cut the grass without a lawn tractor.

They were SO happy to see students - and leave the hot outdoor and manual labor for student-centered activities!

As part of our first week, we did some Olympic activities - pictured about - Synchronized Sitting!

Our Second Week of school saw members of Maranatha Baptist Church of Ceiba PR bring us LUNCH!

We were served tacos, rice and beans and celebrated Casey MacArthur's birthday all at the same time.  Thanks Maranatha and Happy Birthday Casey!